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9:37pm 06-05-2008
marami ng nagtatayo ng bakery sa mismong house lang nila, sa loob ng subdivision or village. kung puhunan ang tatanungin mo, kailangan mo ng oven, may 4-planchang oven worth P8-11 thousand na makakabake ng 100 pieces of pandesal sa loob ng 15 minutes lang. pwede mo ng gamitin ito, pag mixer naman, dapat hanggang 5 kilo ang capacity so may mabibili kang 25-30 thousand nito. idagdag mo ang planchang gagamitin, improvise ka na lang ng paalsahan at la mesa, maliit lang ang kailang mo na puhunan, mabilis ang pasok ng kita kasi pagkatapos mong ibake ang mga tinapay, pwede ng ibenta. good luck!!
9:30pm 06-05-2008
gusto kong magtinda ng breads sa house ko lang, magkano ba ang kailangan ko para sa small na bakery lang. ty
10:53pm 05-05-2008
everything you said is true and i think i have already written or anwered these questions before, please refer to the links provided in this site. ty
10:18pm 05-01-2008
good day!
thanks for the info. how about the water requirement of the flours, is it really varying frequently and from brand to brand?And is it true that the more water the larger the volume you will have for your dough? and bigger output.
6:45am 05-01-2008
thanks for the compliment. regarding flours, i use third class for brownies, in fact any cakes i make, i use 3rd class, except chiffon and chocolate cakes. for chocolate cakes, you need structure so the cake will not collapse and all purpose flour has more protein content so you need to use this flour.
all purpose is used in most bread recipes in baking books because they do not recomment that you always use a heavy-duty mixer, just a household mixer or kneading by hand, because the udience or readers are mostly household based. now, all purpose has less protein content so it is EASIER TO KNEAD than bread flour. next reason, you hardly find bread flour in most grocery aisles. when someone writes a book and puts down the ingredients, that ingredient should be readily available in the market. no one will buy the book if the ingredient is hard to find, just like bread flour. why they don't sell it often? because of the bread flour's high protein content, it has lesser shelf life than all purpose and cake flour.
yes, you can substitute a combination of 1st and 3rd class, usually 70/30 ratio. exception is in making siopao, can't use bread flour, the dough will be dark in color.
hamburger bun recipe, next post i will include the pictures.
3:03am 05-01-2008
good day!
Very dissappointing one, nakita sana namin ung expertise mo and u also but hopefully sana maskaroon kpa ng other opportunity to be on tv, maybe hindi ka talga KAPUSO kundi KAPAMILYA.
anyway, Ijust want to ask this, im jst wndering all-purpose flour seems to be in frequent used in most bread recipes and it's likely to be the 2nd class in panadero's term. i just want to ask if it's replaceable by mixing 1st and 3rd classes of flours (hard and soft flours)? what would be the effects? What flour ang ginagamit mo for your brownies (all-purpose?) bec it seems soft in texture.
4:16am 04-29-2008
how to make a hamburger buns?
7:24am 04-21-2008
Hi! presently I am into bread making. May i have commercial recipes of the famous bread?

thanks a lot

2:54am 04-16-2008
to mitch; thanks for the cocoa, i will use half of it with the cocoa i already ought, ty!!!

regarding margarine versus shortening, the purefoods guy may be right when he said that it is almost the same, you will hardly notice the difference except that margarine is flavored and shortening is bland and colorless. however, shortening is 100% pure fat, and margarine is around 84% fat only. so interms of 1:1 ration, they are not the same.

there is a recipe in this site for pandesal, quite easy to make if, and i say if you know how to make bread.

regarding ensaimada, if you know the recipe for pandesal, use it as a guide and up or increase the fat, change it to butter, use eggyolks in the recipe and you will have an ensaimada recipe. that's how easy it is.

however, you should realize that baking breads is not like baking cookies or cooking pancit where you can read from a recipe and everything will be fine afterwards. you need to learn first the method in making bread and that is the toughest part. recipes abound in the internet, thousands of them. if you have no knowledge of the science of breadmaking, recipes will be useless, on the other hand, if you know the science behind it, you only need 1 recipe, yes, 1 recipe and you can make all kinds of breads from that.
11:22am 04-14-2008
genelyn manguera
good day po!! ask ko lng po sana kung ano ang recipe ng pandesal, at kung pano po sya gawin.. wala po kcng pandesal sa texas.. miss n miss n po nya ang pandesal.. sana po mapadalhan nyo po ako ng recipe.. thnk's po ng marami.. godbless!
7:07am 04-14-2008
ask ko po kung ano ang recipe ng enseymada at paano po ang procedure ng pag gawa..salamat po
7:10pm 04-12-2008
edwin reyes
Dear Sir/Madam,
Nagalak po ako ng nalaman ko itong website nyo at nabasa ko na maraming pinoy na interesadong matututong mag bake. Sana po mapadalan nyo ako ng tamang recipe ng paggawa ng pandesal. Kasi po walang pandesal dito sa Germany. Sana po mapansin nyo itong sulat ko at ngayon pa lang po maraming salamat at mabuhay po kayo at sana lumawig pa itong iyong program about baking.
7:35pm 04-08-2008
good day!
I just want to ask if the margarine is the better substitute for veg. lard? I got this info from one of lthe purefoods employee that margarine is just the same as the lard except that it has flavor. is there any effec of of using margarine to the texture of the bread? thnks
10:18am 04-08-2008
hi shirley! just want to congratulate you on your web page. so informative! to all the people who are interested in enrolling in sher's bread class---let me tell you--you will learn a lot and her fee is VERY MUCH WORTH IT!!! it's not just the recipes--it's the science and the technique which you will not be able to really learn in other schools. i am proud to be a "graduate" of her bread class.

more power to you sher! yikes, i still owe you the alkalized cocoa powder you need to try--will bring it to you this sunday!
3:25am 04-03-2008
sorry i only teach breadmaking one class every other month so the schedule you see on this site is all there is.
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