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10:42pm 03-11-2010
Hi Shirley,
Good day, I was really excited when i found your website then disappointment set in when i read that you are no longer in the phils. i really want to take up lessons. anyway, is the price still the same? how can i pay? i don't have a credit card. do have anybody you know who is holding classes here? hope you can help. best regards
5:33am 02-27-2010
hi there shirley,
are u still holding classes in the phils? i am so desperate of going home to the phils but really can't afford the air fare at the moment. i'm based here in australia and would really love to learn basic bread making. how will i avail of your book or ebook or do you sell dvds or cds for these ongoing classes? hope to hear from you so soon....thank you and more power to you. God bless....
2:27am 02-03-2010
where in new york ur helding ur cooking class and when so i can schedule myself. i will fly from teas.
2:02am 01-31-2010
iya camacho
hi, sher pls. send your famous cream puff thru email.. pls pls? thanks in advance.. God bless!
5:26am 01-30-2010

yes i still remember your husband, i will send you an email as soon as possible. thank you
10:03am 01-27-2010
rose parungao
hi, how are u these days? I don't know if u still remember my surname, my husband used to be one of ur students before, I'm very lucky that I happened to open your website co'z I'm really looking for a book that can answer all my queries regarding how to produce good quality of bread specially pandesal. We are now operating a small bakery with a master baker and my husband but I want also to learn techniques on how to make it more delicious. Are you still here in the Philippines? can we still visit you to buy personally your breadmaking book or can you tell me how can I avail that book. thanks and more power!!!
6:37pm 01-18-2010
thanks and i appreciate you liking the book, do take time reading through the images and lines, after all i did not learn baking breads overnight. thanks guys!!!
6:36pm 01-18-2010
okay, now i know what gluten is and the subject on mixing is so long now i know why my ensaimada is heavy and small. got it!!! thanks sherly and good luck to your new york stay, i hope i can see you there when i visit new york.
6:33pm 01-18-2010
got the book and i must say, i am impressed. i will let you know of my progress, i am here in canada and i have been wanting a taste of our pandesal. very nicely written down to the last detail.
6:31pm 01-18-2010
log on to for details on how you can avail of the ebook, join the many who have been reading it now. thanks. just to let you guys know, i am no longer accepting hands on students, i am moving to new york and i will set up my hands on sessions there. to all my students, thank you, you have been good friends and "kachika" when it comes to breads. thank you to a wonderful journey!!! i cannot mention all your names here, but you are all unforgettable, from 2001 to 2010, good luck!!!
8:16am 01-18-2010
hi.. how will i avail your book, im interested po.. and how much.. pls send it to me tru my email add. thanks.
4:38am 01-14-2010
hi shirley, just want to tell you your book is so easy to understand and i feel like you are talking in front of me, finally i understood why my breads are failing. salamat talaga!!! it is so much worth it!!! sulit na sulit, i have never seen a book like this. thank you!!!
4:36am 01-14-2010
sorry gil i will no longer be teaching in the philippines, i am leaving for good to New York and set up my school there. You can get a copy of my commercial breadmaking book, it has recipes for doughnuts and other bakeshop pastries such as cinnamon rolls and ensaimadas. You can serve that in your coffee shop. To buy the book, email me at or go to for details
11:43pm 12-18-2009
hi sherly,
i am an ofw and interested to set up my coffee shop with matching home made doughnuts and pastries. are doughnuts and pastries included in your baking lessons? can i have your scheds for march-april 2010?
2:54am 12-17-2009
bought the book and i loved it, lots of pictures!!!
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