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8:57pm 04-01-2009

it's a bit long to write the whole thing down here but to make it simple, for the food cost, just divide the cost of the ingredient with the grams or weight of the product to get how much the cost of the ingredient, say P78 anchor butter/100 grams = .78. This is the cost oaf 100 grams of butter, do the same with the other ingredients, add them and you get the total cost. If the yield is say, 70 pieces, and the total food cost is 70 pesos, then divide this, you get the cost per piece which is P1.00. But then you need to include the cost of the gas, fare, etc., i hope this helps.
1:20pm 03-23-2009
Hi Shirley.
I want to ask how you can do the costing/pricing for the items you sell. Salamat.
10:36pm 03-09-2009

hhmmm, september, although i don't want to say it sana, i am currently having my US Visa processed, i just sent my application last week, when i get my visa nod i don't know for sure, if i am still here by september i will definitely have a session and hopefully my video/book is already out for sale by that time.


maraming klase ang pugon, i just had a student last month who was having a pugon made while he was attending the class. ask around your local neighborhood, sa province maraming marunong gumawa because this is what they use to bake breads, not the high tech type. A word of caution, mas mahirap i manage ang heat ng pugon if you are a beginner, this student of mine in the end bought another oven for his other breads, i think he was only able to use the pugon for pandesal and the rest sa regular oven na. But to answer your question, pugon is made from clay/bricksor sometimes cement. What you need is a housing, think of the old ancient lutuan na uling, may apoy sa ilalim, pero dapat may bubong, looking like a cave. The gatong or kahoy is under, may flooring siempre made of clay or bricks, and the heat under transfers to the flooring where you put the breads. If you want to know more designs, type the word "hearth oven" sa google, you will get different ideas from there, print it out and show your local friendly karpintero or anyone who knows how to do this odd jobs.
2:09am 03-09-2009
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9:59pm 03-04-2009
i just want to ask kung pano ba gawin ang isang pugon na pwedeng iluto doon ang iba't-ibang klase ng tinapay?
8:57pm 03-04-2009
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1:37pm 03-03-2009
12:44pm 03-03-2009
Hi shirley,

thanks for that. Can I ask instead if you're planning or scheduling to hold a 4 day session in September? I know it's a long way off from now, that time is a sure vacation time for me and i would love to join your class. Thanks again.
12:44pm 03-02-2009
My complete name is Alma Glenn Ilagan. Sorry, I don't have the texting capability. I hope you don't mind. Thanks again.
3:41am 03-01-2009
sorry about the schedule but there is a purpose for the staggered session, students learn better, consecutive day sessions just work like a demo hindi pa tapos matuto from the first lesson ang student, another session comes along and with yeast breads, i want the students to make the most of every minute they spend here. the information and lessons are just way too much for a beginning student to learn in 3 consecutive days, kawawa and sayang ang money, so i hope you understand.


with pandesal the key is to bake it as fast as you can, which means you need a hot oven, and you are right, 12- 15 minutes is all you need. however, it also depends on the formula your pandesal has, if it has high sugar and high butter yolk type, then you need only 300-325 F which will bake from 10-12 minutes. if the type of fat you are using is shortening, you may use 325-350 F, again watch out if the sugar is very high. then, you need to consider the load. how many pieces of dough/pandesal are you baking per batch? if the oven only has 1 tray, then it will not use up too much time, if it is fully-loaded then you may need to use up the maximum time requred or as the pandesal turns golden brown.


text me your complete name and i will list your name down, no need to worry about the reservation, you can pay me on the first day. i hope to see you. keep reading this site!!


i hope i will still be here by july, just in case, keep reading the site, if ever i get to leave whether it be july or august, i will still maintain this site and i will find a way to teach even if i am out of the country. i want to see more people setting up mini-bakeries and starting bakeries right from their kitchen because it is a profitable source of income, low cost and self- gratifying. good luck!!


please see the website for current schedules

sorry for the delay in responding to your queries, my server crashed and i have no knowledge in getting this back in order. thanks!!!
4:22pm 02-27-2009
Hi Shirley,

I am very excited to have found your site. I have been looking for a way to earn extra even though I am living and working abroad. I have always been interested in baking, but baking bread is more difficult to do. I am interested to attend your April session but i can only be away for a week. Is there a session where you can compress four days in 1 week? If not April, end of March?

Thanks very much and fully appreciate all the information shared in your website.

12:10am 02-25-2009
hi! im baking breads on my own for my kids here in japan. and gusto kong matikman nila ang pandesal so i search a lot of homepage reciepe
in the internet but every page was very difficult to understand co'z kulang sila sa explaination,but when i found your page , its very easy to understand you explain it very carefully one byone .i just want to ask you how many degree's should ihave to bake the pandesal for 12minutes at oven.
8:35am 02-21-2009
Hi, Shirley.. I just want to get in touch with you once again. I hope you remember me, I emailed you 2 mos. ago regarding your April class schedule. Can you please sign me up for your April class? I am out of the country and it will be easier for me to pay you when I get there. However, if I really have to pay the reservation fee, then please let me know on how you want me to do it. I really need to be in this class since my vacation time is so limited. Can you please let me know of possible hotels close by , tel. # or website? Thank you so much. See you in April and God bless!
2:08am 02-20-2009
hi, do u still have breadmaking class? pls email me the details.
6:33am 02-15-2009
Denia B. Besas
Hi, and my husband is so interested to join your breadmaking session..(thank God, there's one like this..!) though we're only available by July, (since we're out of the country by now..) please let me know your sched on that month. One of my concern too is our board and lodging then, I hope there is one very near to your place. More power and God bless. See you July.
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