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8:16am 03-31-2008
hello. i'm interested in joining your workshops. i really think i can learn a lot. but i have church commitments on Sundays and it's like a family day for us. is there another schedule? thanks.
8:28pm 03-30-2008
to mjane regarding eggs on cakes, i correct myself the eggs do not produce carbon dioxide, i am so used to the sugar feeding the yeast thus producing carbon dioxide in my lectures so i slipped again, sorry.

eggs is just one the many types of leavening out there, eggs when whipped is aerated thus causing the product to have air pockets, tenderizing and lightening the cake. you see this in making chiffon and sponge cakes where the eggs are whipped and in the case of the chiffon, the eggwhites are separated and whipped incorporating air. when the folding is not done properly, the whipped mass is deflated causing THIS AIR to escape thus creating a heavy cake in the end. so when you cream your cake batter, make sure that you do the creaming procedure properly, use FRESH EGGS. with chiffon, the eggwhites should not contain even a speck of eggyolk or the whites will not whip well. clean the bowl with vinegar and water after soaping it to make sure there are no fats clinging to the bowl. i will refer you to rose levy beranbaum's webstie for more on cakes.have fun!!!
8:06pm 03-29-2008
regarding pugon or wood fired oven baking i have not experienced baking using such, personally i do not like to use such in these days of global warming and ozone layer depletion. cutting even the smallest of trees and burning them contribute to global warming so i do not want to have my share of it but if your area has lots of wood debris you can use without cutting them on purpose, then do so. to cut trees for the purpose of using them as fuel for your bakery i think for me is not a viable option anymore. unless the trees is sustained by planting one after cutting another, then maybe, but still the burning part bugs me, antartica is melting, thousand year old blue glaciers are collapsing, so think about it.

eggs in any baked goods act as a tenderizer and preservative as it extends the shelf life of the baked product. in cakes, as in sponge and chiffon, cream puffs, merengue, souflle, the egg is the leavening, meaning it is the primary source of carbon dioxide, the one that makes the cake rise and light.

hmmm, i am not too comfortable putting up my profile in here, i tried so in my multiply site but i scratched the whole thing because i have had so many "deranged messages and unsolicited proposals" from you know who so i am playing safe this time. thanks for the suggestion anyway, maybe i will think of something, but for now, i will let the lessons sell itself. i am cooking up another site for healthy cooking and baking for cancer survivors where i would really put up my profile for sure.
11:28pm 03-26-2008
Hi Shirley, your website is truely informative. I just want to know if you do issue certificates of attending your class? Is this TESDA approve? What's also missing in your website is let the readers know more about you, just like what Heny Sison does. Hope you won't mind.
2:06am 03-26-2008
hello po!
what will be the effect/s of eggs sa cake?
9:39pm 03-24-2008
i am a student of Bicol University and i want to make a feasibility study about pugon bakery since nakikita ko n ms maganda talaga yung kita and lasa ng bread n made in pugon, kaya lng wala akong masyadong knowledge and background about sa pagluluto ng bread kaya i have a lot of questions..can u give me po an example of feasibility study of pugon bakery?
4:20am 03-18-2008
you will be able to make a list of the items that you really need once you start experimenting. i think part of the problem of beginners also is not knowing how to start RIGHT. when i was starting, nobody wants to eat what i bake, i started having hits when my sister bought me a kitchen aid and when i started using an oven thermometer. my sister had to bring some breads over to New York to make my brother believe i can really bake pandesal!!!
12:44pm 03-15-2008
Sigh! It's a relief to read your site Ms. Shirley. It gives me a feeling of fulfillment. Can't wait to be in your class. As I have told you, everyone at
home is discouraging me. It's either because they don't trust my instinct or because they have experienced my kind of baking and they didn't like it. But I think that was because I used the wrong oven; it was my lola's oven and it was,I think, more than ten years old when used it.
Anyways, I just want to give you updates about my start-up adventure and I wish someone reading your site could give advice too. I have already paid for my very first 4-sheeter oven which will be delivered in, I hope, 4 days. Mura lang talaga and I am glad that I took your advise not to go for "french baker style type" of oven. Although I will be taking your class in a few days and will be learning manual mixing, I have started to look for dough mixers that are for bargain through the internet. Problem is sellers don't sell items by piece; you should buy the entire set. There was this guy who sells his equipments for only P45K, negotiable, that includes everything you said here in your site. I hope he agrees to exclude the oven(12-sheeter). But I don't want to call him yet. I want to attend your class first and discover what I would really need. Thank you so much for your time answering all my queries. Your site keeps me busy and keeps me motivated.

More power!

2:44am 03-14-2008
sorry can't give yourecipes that are part of my lessons, besides your baker should know how to make variations out of just one or two doughs, that's how you do it. even if i print it out text per text, you won't be able to get it anyway if you have no background in baking science.

number one rule in bakery operations: never put out a bread in the market without a standardized recipe. being the boss, you should be responsible into seeing to it that every item you sell has PASSED your standardization testing, irregardless of the fact whether the item is selling for 2 pesos or 30 pesos.
12:08pm 03-13-2008
Dan M. Aprieto
Good day sir/madam:
We already started a small bakery in our house w/out a panadero at kami lang ang gumagawa, ngunit kakaunti palang po ung variety of breads na nagagawa namin...gusto sana namin matutunan ung cheez roll (of french baker), enseymada w/ filling (of pugon de manila), pudding, etc. Can you help us thru e-mail or advise us? tnx and God bless!
12:04pm 03-11-2008
good day!
using oven "pugon" made from clay is a good option since it is not that expensive and ung operational expenses is also less than that of the gas oven and considering na nagstart ka pa lang. sa amin po gumagamit kami ng pugon din and nkakasave po kmi ng 4k to 4.5k in 5 days kc nagamit po kami ng kahoy instead na gasul kaya maganda po option talaga ung pugon.
11:44am 03-11-2008
good day!
yes, we already have a bakery but i want to know more po about breadmaking. i already asked our bakers tungkol po sa paggawa but i'm not satisfied kc based lang po lahat un sa experience. And based po sa observations ko wala po consistency ung pagagwa nila ng tinapay kc minsan po maganda hitsura minsan hindi. and they dont even know the percentage of each ingredients which i think is very importannt in breadmaking. in fact, pinagaralan ko po ung ginagawa nila pagagawa ng dough for 5 consecutive days and i was suprised na hindi nila na me=maintain ung ratio of each ingre to the flour which i think we have inconsistency in our quality. gusto ko nga po magtake ng classes nyo kaya lang dito po ko sa LAGUNA. nagrerely nalang po ko searching and reading sa mga forum and books and baka meron po kau marecommend na books. thanks in advance po.
1:18am 03-10-2008

first rising is important because it conditions the gluten, mellows out the dough, you can read on this in so many breadmaking science books. the flavor is enhanced, the volume is larger etc.,


basing from your questions, you need to learn so much more in terms of baking breads. i suggest that you take my class, you will find out that most of your questions plus many othersssss, will be answered and i guarantee you it will be worth your time. do you have an existing bakery already? you asked about the spanish bread fillings right?

so anyway, going back to your questions, there is a big difference between mixing doughs in a dough roller and manual or mano mano, spiral and planetary. all these have effects in the dough, i think you should know this. no, i don\'t use a dough roller, (please read the blog on dough roller) to find out why.

lastly, i have no idea what you mean by delicious lard. you mean, flavored lard or shortening? lard is by itself sold flavorless and odorless, when they flavor it, it becomes margarine, so unless there is a new technology out there i am not sure, try typing this word at google.

i think there is a way to make an oven out of clay, is the red color of the clay natural? unless it isn\'t food grade then when heated it might emit some toxic fumes and i don\'t advise it. if the red color is natural, then go ahead and use it....there are designs in the internet, type the word \"hearth ovens or wood ovens\" so you can get an idea on how to build it. usually there is a mold to form the roof and sides of the pugon, the wood or fire is at the bottom, the floor of the oven is made of clay as well. good luck!!!
8:33am 03-07-2008
ma.pricila luisa
good day, i'm a beginner in bread making, i really want to learn but i don't have the means to attend your classes there in manila. hope you could help me. i'm staying here in zamboanga city. can i use a red clay to make an oven where i can bake breads like ensaimada, pandesal. no means to buy oven. please do help me, need to help my parents earned. thank you so much for helping me land a job of my own. God bless and more power...
2:32am 03-07-2008
good day!
thanks for the info. Kelangan po ba paalsahin muna yung ginawa mo dough bago mo isalang sa dough roller? ano po epekto nun? yung pan de sal nyo po ginagamitan nyo ba ng dough roller kc pansin ko lang mas marami labas ng tinapay kapag mano-mano mo lang masahin. meron pa po ba delicious lard ang purefoods?
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