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8:06pm 08-31-2008
Mary Ann A. Enriquez
Gud am po, ask ko lang po kung pwede makahingi ng recipe ng ensaymada. Thanks. God Bless..
12:59am 08-31-2008
rusty; thank you for the tip, i appreciate it.
bryan; if you are really serious about baking breads, buy a commercial oven, the kind that has planchas, minimum size, 4-sheeter kind. what kind depends on your budget, convection is an oven with the fan, very expensive but excellent, not particular with brands, whatever oven you choose, it is really up to how much you can afford and the kind of bakery set up you want to have. a cheap oven can do what most luxury ovens can.
8:24am 08-30-2008
hi! i already inquired about your baking lessons but i couldn't go before because they were during sundays. i'm glad your classes are now during weekdays. haha. i'll just wait for my semestral break and if my schedule fits with yours, i'll enroll. (sana pwede ) anyway, our oven is broken and we're going to buy a new one. can you give me some advice? which is better, with cooking stove or separate oven? gas or electrical? heat from above, below, or both? convection/with fan? size? cost? brand? thanks.
2:21pm 08-27-2008
Rusty Machica
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3:17am 08-27-2008
i will put your name in the list but i cannot promise that you will 100%have a slot just in case the others put up a reservation fee, i hope you understand. anyway, slots are not always full every month so you still can get in, if the class size becomes 8, i will allow you to attend the session. please read the website, all of it if you are really keen in learning breadmaking. i always find students who have virtually memorized my class to have an advantage over the other students.
goodluck!! hope you can make it here.
2:18am 08-26-2008
Norman H. Manding
hello! i am so much interested po co'z i always wanted to have my own bakery.mam/sir im from Mindanao,Iligan City, can i make my reservation without paying first my the amount? co'z i still need to see my schedules if i can fly to Manila in your scheduled session.hoping to have a response from you. tnx and more power....
7:39pm 08-23-2008
sweet pea, thanks a lot, i had fun as well. knowing that students learn a lot from the sessions i put up for them makes me want to do more sessions like this. the feeling that you have helped someone change his or her life making good breads is priceless, i will always have a space here for you guys, this class is hilarious!!!! good luck!!!
4:35pm 08-18-2008
sweet pea
Hi Shirley,
I just want to say thank you for sharing your expertise in class. I had so much fun and I loved everything we baked. My son loved the siopao. I can't wait for the 2nd day. I encourage everyone out there who may just be looking for a short course to learn breadmaking for home or for commercial use. This is definitely the one to take! Do not waste your time with other courses. I highly recommend taking the 3-day class. It's money well spent and you'll come out of the class excited for more recipes to try.
2:08am 08-14-2008
yes, elizabeth i'm signing you up, please confirm at least 5 days before the start of the class if you will attend. thanks and see you september.
11:53am 08-12-2008
Elizabeth Uy
Hi! I am interested to join your bread making classes this September (16, 19 and 22). May I know if you still accept students for those days so I can fix my schedules to be able to attend the classes. Thank you.
9:46pm 08-03-2008

okay, finally i hope you can make it this time.

i am sorry, i donot hold classes on line. this is the reason why i can't seem to bring myself to write a bread book, the absence of touch. unless you actually touch the dough imelda, i am sorry, i don't think you will be able to make one good batch of pandesal. touching the dough while it is being mixed, while it is being proofed, and just before you bake it. most likely, the possibilities of why you're pandesal is hard is so many; lack of water, undermixed, underproofed, overbaked, low oven heat, and so on. but, who knows you might get it from trying, just keep it up though...good luck.
9:26pm 08-03-2008
Imelda Pera
Is it ossible to enroll thru on line tried to make the pandesal which I followed your recipe but the pandesal was very hard even inside. I want to learn how to make soft pandesal not rough & hard inside. Please help me. Thank you
12:33am 08-01-2008
belen m. banog
Please include me in your August schedule.
Thank you.
10:02pm 07-26-2008
sweet pea;
you're right, the august schedule is on 15 18 and 21, a bit earlier than your desired date. however, if i do not get the minimum students required for the said session, i normally postpone for another week so wait for my email notification if this happens. regarding cakes and cookies, i do not have the time to do this class yet, i had so many requests just like yours but i just couldn't make time for it, sayang.
hope to see you.
5:11pm 07-24-2008
Sweet Pea
Hi Shirley,
I plan to be in Manila from August 24-31, one week lang. I noticed you don't have a schedule for that week or have you made a new one? I'd like to take all of your courses for that 1 week. How much will you charge if I want to take 2 extra days to learn cake and cookie making, I can pay for the food cost. Salamat po.
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